Upcoming Events

  • 06 Sep 2014

    Calling all ONE°15 Marina Club swimmers! Orchid Country Club (OCC) is hosting its Swimming Challenge in conjunction with its iconic event, Mid-Autumn on the Green, with a Korean twist! Register now and stand a chance to win a 2 days 1 night stay in Orchid Lodge in the lucky draw!

  • 30 Aug 2014

    Walking Fun Trail is an activity which aims to promote a healthy lifestyle by allowing participants to relieve stress while walking leisurely. Stand to win attractive vouchers when you complete a special task given during the walk!

  • 03 Aug 2014

    Let the Mermaids show you how to dive. No diving experience required, only basic swimming skills needed! This programme aims to help the little ones master the art of diving while they have fun in the water. During the sessions, instructors will teach them how to bubble underwater. Other activities include underwater jigsaw, painting and phototaking with mermaids!


  • 1 – 31 August, lunch and dinner @ Crystal Jade Premium

    Slurp up a comforting bowl of Soup of the Day at $18+ per pot (U.P. $38+).


  • 1 - 31 August, Bar Nebula

    Ginny is perfect for summer, a delicious blend of Bombay sapphire gin, apple sour and cranberry juice at $12+. 

  • Enjoy exclusive treats and privileges just for you! Simply accumulate more than $10,000* in spending from now till 31 December 2014 and stand to enjoy a range of Member Benefits at the Club in 2015!