Dear Club Members,

Thank you for your continued support of the Club.

2015 and 2016 year to date have been challenging for the Club in regards to our food and beverage outlets including Latitude Bistro. Like many Singapore restaurants and food and beverage outlets, the Club is not immune to continuous raising labor costs and labor shortages, increased cost of food and beverage materials and products and “economic challenges and stresses” in the local and regional economies.

To deal with these “challenges”, while the Club Rules and Regulations allow it to implement a food and beverage minimum spending on a quarterly basis like some golf and country clubs and city clubs in Singapore and throughout the region have, after careful consideration and review, the Club decided against the implementation of such food and beverage minimum spending at this time.

During the review process, we found that the bulk of member usage of the Latitude Bistro was on Friday, Saturday, Sundays and Holidays and eve of Holidays. The balance of the time (Monday to Thursday), the Bistro was and is under-utilized. This despite the fact that the Club refurbished the Bistro and private dining rooms in April 2015, continues to revise its menus on a regular basis including reducing menu prices where ever possible, and the addition of a new Executive Chef with local and international experience who has upgraded our lunch and dinner buffets.

To optimize the use of Latitude Bistro during non-peak periods when member usage is low, the Club will begin a trial to allow non-member residents of the Sentosa Harbourfront Business Precinct to dine on an advanced reservation basis at the Latitude Bistro (only applicable from Monday to Thursday, on Non Holidays and Eve of Holidays).

This pilot period will commence 1st of June 2016 and end 30th of November 2016. During this period, standard service charges will apply for non-member residents of the Sentosa Harbourfront Precinct and the Club will reserve a pre-determined number of tables and the two private dining rooms for Members-only at LATITUDE Bistro.

We thank you for understanding in this matter.

The Management
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