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Let the experts from Scott Dunn help you curate your next holiday – starting with a month-to-month guide on the best places to travel to in 2024. They will also share a mix of couple and family-friendly destinations, particularly for year-end holidays. Feel free to engage in the group Q&A segment or in a one-on-one session with a member of the Scott Dunn team to inquire about specific destinations or experiences. Luxury experiences are best imagined over tipples and canapés.


DATE: Friday, 5 April 2024
TIME: 7pm – 9pm
VENUE: innerCove
PRICE: Complimentary

Register your interest by 22 March.

Thank you for your interest, we are fully subscribed for the event. For enquiries or to be placed on the waitlist, contact Membership department 6305 6988 or [email protected].