Fitness Centre

The Fitness Centre is located on the second floor of the Clubhouse. With stunning views of the marina and spanning over 1,200 square feet, the fitness centre is equipped with a wide range of cardio, strength and resistance, free weights, functional training equipment.

Personal training sessions are offered at the gym by our highly trained fitness instructors and guests are able to choose from an array of exciting programmes such as one-on-one kick-boxing, power plate, and other customised training programmes.

Level 2 (Lobby Level)
7am – 10pm (Daily)
+65 6305 6981

Gym Personal Trainers

Our inspirational Personal Trainers at the Club’s Gym will help to transform your fitness goals from dream to reality.

Yusni is the go-to guy for endurance and strength training. This personal trainer’s tough exterior is a contrast to his friendly and easy going personality. Still, don’t expect him to go easy on you. Yusni is particularly stringent when it comes to following up on your routine. The nitty-gritty aside, Yusni acts as a confidence booster for his clients.


Ehsaan is an internationally registered fitness professional with 21 years of experience. He believes in keeping the body and mind young through effective movements and exercise with the balance of enjoying life.
He is a Spartan athlete and Muay Thai instructor who still participates in Asia.
Let Ehsaan introduce you to the new you!