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The Club offers a diverse range of activities, programs and services for families, children and youth with dedicated facilities for children of all ages, including a playground, air-conditioned playroom, and an arcade room.

Recreational Facilities


Open in Phase 2:

  • Bicycle Rental
  • Board Game Rental
  • Children’s Library

Closed until further notice:

  • Arcade
  • Air-conditioned Playroom
  • Children’s Pool

Approach the Recreation Office for bicycle rental, board games rental and exchange of arcade tokens.

Recreational Programmes

Swimming Programmes by Yvonne Swimming School

Tennis Programmes by Olaso Tennis Academy


Activities and Events

Create memorable family moments with kid-friendly workshops and events aimed at inciting wonder and curiosity.

See upcoming Members recreation events here. 

Contact Information

Level 1
9am – 7pm (Daily)

+65 6305 6980 | recreation.sc@one15marina.com