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5 November 2019

Dear Valued Members,

Hong Bao Fund for Staff

Chinese New Year is one of Singapore’s largest festive celebrations with a tradition of giving hong bao (or red packets) to families, friends and those who we like to express our appreciation.

In this tradition, I am writing to seek your support in contributing to the Hong Bao Fund for Staff at ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove, Singapore. As you know, ONE°15 Marina, like most private clubs, does not apply service charge to food and beverages purchased. A contribution to the Hong Bao Fund is an annual exception to these policies and is a tangible way you can express appreciation to those who have served you in the year gone by. Your contribution will be distributed to our dedicated staff, including many who work in supportive roles in the heart-of-the-house areas.

Your contribution of $50 will be deducted automatically on 27 December 2019 for those with GIRO arrangement, or billed to your November 2019 statement for those with other payment arrangements. The form at the bottom of this letter will allow you to contribute an amount above the recommended, or opt out the program, provided it is returned by the end of business hours on 25 November 2019.

On behalf of our management and Staff, thank you for your generous support of the Hong Bao Fund in recognition of the hard work and good service our staff provides.

May the New Year bring you happiness, wealth, health and prosperity this 2020.


Arthur Tay


Thank you for responding to the Hong Bao Fund 2020, the response period has ended. Should you still wish to submit your response, please email [email protected]