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ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove is a prestigious private marina & yacht club located within Sentosa Cove, a premium residential district in Singapore.

Built to the Platinum Gold Anchor standard—the highest internationally-subscribed marina standards—set by The Yacht Harbour Association and Marina Industries Association, the marina has been in operation since 2007 and has been accredited Superyacht Ready in 2022. ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove has also been named International Marina of the Year consecutively in 2022 and 2023 and Best Asian Marina of the Year seven times since its opening.

Fact Sheet

272 Wet Berths (including 32 mega yachts berths)

60 Dry Berths
Fuel Sales (Petrol & Diesel)
Buggy Service To and From The Clubhouse

Metered Power Supply (Up to Three-Phase 500AMp)

Metered Potable Water Supply
Fire-Protection System
24-hour Security and CCTV Surveillance
Gated Marina Access
Laundry Room
Waste Pump-out System
Exclusive Dining Venues
Members’ Lounge
26 Hotel Rooms
Meeting Room Spaces
Swimming Pool
Gym & Spa
Tennis Courts
ONE°15 Marina Coordinates
1°14.50′ NORTH
103°50.40′ EAST


Fuel Sale – Petrol and Diesel

Opens daily, 9am – 7pm.
Non-members and general public are welcomed.
Contact Marina Office at VHF77, call 6305 6988 or email [email protected].

Fuel Price
(As of 15 July 2024)

Fuel Bulk Promotion
Enjoy up to 20% savings when you purchase in bulk.

Limited Time Only: More Discounts for Lesser Fuel
Valid till 31 December 2024

No. of litres
Discount for Petrol
0 - 399 Litres
0 - 199 Litres
400 - 699 Litres
200 - 499 Litres
700 - 999 Litres
500 - 799 Litres
Above 1000 Litres
Above 800 Litres
No. of litres Discount for Diesel
0 - 999 Litres 0%
1000 - 2999 Litres 10%
3000 - 4999 Litres 15%
Above 5000 Litres 20%



Wet Berthing Rental Rates
Wet Berthing Rental Rates (All charges are inclusive of 9% GST)
<40 ft $1.85 $42.51 $32.70 $2.51 $56.57
41 – 50 ft $2.18 $50.03 $38.48  $2.94  $66.49
51 – 60 ft $2.29 $52.76 $40.55  $3.05  $70.20
61 – 70 ft $2.40 $55.26 $42.51  $3.16 $73.47
71 – 80 ft  $3.27 $75.86 $58.32  $4.36 $100.93
81 – 120 ft $6.21 $156.20 $130.15  $7.19 $179.63
> 120 ft $6.98 $174.18 $145.19  $8.07  $200.34

¹ per foot per day
² per foot per month

Dry Berthing Rental Rates
Dry Berthing Rental Rates (All charges are inclusive of 9% GST)
Size (ft) / Type Member
Jet Ski $41.97 $612.58 $460.85 $84.04 $1,225.16
Kayak / SUP $104.75 $80.55
Less < 16 ft $41.97 $500.42 $376.49  $84.04  $1,000.84
Less < 25 ft $92.43 $1,780.73 $1,063.19  $184.86 $3,561.58
Up to 30 ft $114.34 $2,300.34 $1,171.53 $228.79 $4,600.67


Launching & Recovery Rental Rates
Launching & Recovery Rental Rates (All charges are inclusive of 9% GST)
Member Non-Member
PWC $56.79 $113.47
LOA < 19 ft $71.18 $141.92
LOA < 30 ft $113.47 $226.61
Embark & Disembark Rates
Embark & Disembark Rates (All charges are inclusive of 9% GST)
Member Non-Member
00 – 35 ft Complimentary $55.01
36 – 50 ft Complimentary $77.00
51 – 80 ft Complimentary $99.00
> 80 ft Complimentary $143.01

Embarkation and disembarkation should not exceed 20 minutes

Berth / Vessel Surcharges:

  • The minimum length charge is 35ft.
  • Berthing rental rates are charged based on the physical measurement of the vessel or the length of berth, whichever is greater. Length of the vessel will be rounded to the nearest linear foot.
  • Catamaran, Trimaran or large Monohull surpassing the allocated width or alongside will be subject to double berthing charges.
  • Temp and/or Term Member will be charged an extra 10% of the berthing fee.
  • Commercial berth will be charged an extra 15% of the berthing fee.
  • Premium berth will be charged an extra 30% of the berthing fee.
  • Vessels that have obtained Charter – SZH license (Wet & Dry berth) will be charged an extra 100% of the berthing fee.

Live Aboard:

  • Fees to live aboard are $170.00/month.


  • A deposit of 2 months berthing fee is required for Member Yearly and Member Monthly vessels.
  • A 10% berthing fee deposit is required for Member Daily and all non-member vessels.


We are the first marina in Singapore to offer the convenience of a Customs, Immigration, Quarantine (“CIQ”) facility. This facility provides a hassle-free immigration point for all pleasure boats in the port of Singapore.


Custom Clearance Fees
Custom Clearance Fees (All charges are inclusive of 9% GST)
Size/ Type
Member Non-Member
≤ 80 ft $220 $305
≥ 81ft $330 $460
Late Arrival $55.00 $55.00


Port Clearance Fees
Port Clearance Fees (All charges are inclusive of 9% GST)
Member Non-Member
All sizes $55.51 $69.95


Cruising Permit Fees
Cruising Permit Fees (All charges are inclusive of 9% GST)
Type Member Non-Member
Application $35.00 $45.00
Re-application $18.00 $18.00



Towing Rates
Towing Rates (All charges are inclusive of 9% GST)
Area Member Non-Member
Within ONEº15 Marina Sentosa Cove $199.83 $277.55
Outside ONEº15 Marina Sentosa Cove
(Within sight from the marina)
$421.87  $677.22


Utilities Rates
Utilities Rates (All charges are inclusive of 9% GST)
Type Member Non-Member
Electricity $0.58/ kilowatt-hour
Water $4.58/ cubic metre
Waste Disposal $9.00/ month
Sewage Pump Out (Blackwater) $15.40/ 100 litres


Miscellaneous Rates
Miscellaneous Rates (All charges are inclusive of 9% GST)
Type Member Non-Member
Jet Wash Rental $66.01/ hour
Buggy Rental
(Request for a buggy is required at least 1 day in advance and based on the availability (includes driver)
$27.50/ trip
$84.70/ 30 minutes
$132.01/ 60 minutes
Delivery and/or Disposal of Bulky Item $41.80/ trip
Access Card Suspension or Re-activation $41.80
Access Card Replacement $57.20
Ice Cubes¹ $15.00/ 18kg per pack
Big Locker Rental (W:1.49m x H:2.24m x D:1.02m) $275.00/ month $412.50/ month
Medium Locker Rental (W:1.32m x H:2.15m x D:0.65m) $165.00/ month $253.00/ month
Small Locker Rental (W:1.32m x H:1.07m x D:0.65m) $88.01/ month $143.00/ month
Self-service Laundry Facility² $5.00/ load

Boaters may call or WhatsApp 9071 7604 to purchase ice cubes for delivery direct to the boat.

a) Open 24 hours
b) Both washer and dryer machines are available
c) The machine requires 4 Singapore $1 coins per wash and 5 Singapore $1 coins per dry
d) Boaters may exchange coins at the laundry room coin machine (24 hours)


Introducing our latest release: The all-new burgee flag! We are extremely excited to showcase this exquisite design, which is now open for orders. This flag is not only a symbol of your passion and individuality but also serves the purpose of identifying you as a proud ONE°15 Member and Berth holder while out on the water. Don’t miss the opportunity to stand out among fellow Members and their vessels.


Size Small
Price $13 $18 $27

Prices stated are nett.


The Boat Shop Asia conducts Powered Pleasure Craft Driving License (PPCDL) course at ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove.

The Powered Pleasure Craft Driving Licence (PPCDL) is required for driving a motor / engine powered or jet-propelled pleasure craft (with SZ or SZH licence prefixes) that are less than 24 metres in length within Singapore port limits.

Course Syllabus

Course syllabus
• Introduction
• Nautical Terms
• Equipment and Usage
• Rules of the Road (Traffic Rules at Sea)
• Coastal Navigation
• Regulation, Circulars & Notices
• Practical Boat Handling
• Emergencies
• Useful Information
• Practical and Theory Test

Entry Requirements
  • At least 16 years of age & physically fit
  • No colour blindness
  • No physical handicap


Obtaining A PPCDL Licence From MPA
  • Attend the 2.5-day theory and practical PPCDL course.
  • Pass the theory held at Singapore Polytechnic (A valid medical certificate is required).
  • ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove
Course Fees
ONE°15 Marina Club Members $306 nett
15% off Members’ price
Public $382 nett
Terms & Conditions
  • Participants will receive a confirmation from ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove if the course that is available. Full payment will be required to secure a slot.
  • There will be no refund for cancellation / change of course dates, except for cancellation/changes made by Asia Yachting Academy after payment is being made.
  • Member’s birthday discount is non-transferable.
  • Course will only commence with a minimum of 5 participants and a maximum of 10 participants for any course dates.
  • ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove will not accept responsibility for any damage, injury or loss of life during conduct of course or while the trainee is on the premises.


Follow ONE15 Marina on Youtube for more video updates.


ONE°15 Marina is committed to doing our part for the environment and maintaining our Level 4 Clean Marina Accreditation (ISO 14001). Read more about our green initiatives and environment protection efforts.


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