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ONE°15 Flora Garden

ONE°15 Flora Garden

Jul 13, 2022

Launched on 13 July 2022, ONE°15 Marina embarked on a journey of sustainable farming with the ONE°15 Flora Garden. The Club places sustainability at the forefront of our efforts and is constantly on the lookout for eco-initiatives that will help to reduce our ecological footprint. Located in LATITUDE Bistro, the Flora Garden provides our chefs with organic and pesticide-free herbs fresh, from garden to table.

Did you know that in the United States, the carbon output for produce to travel to stores is roughly 1,500 miles? In Singapore, we rely heavily on our exports for food produce and these figures can be astronomical. Furthermore, the majority of store-bought produce uses single-use plastic packaging that are non-biodegradable.

The idea of ONE°15 Flora Garden came ashore when we were looking for a space to grow our own herbs and greens. The vertical farming system incorporates automated lighting and irrigation system that turns on and off at a pre-set interval. This automation ensures that the greens are sufficiently cared for, and no water nor electricity is wasted. This space-saving vertical garden is not just aesthetically pleasing, but it also increases nutritional benefits, and gives us the freshest ingredients to delight your palates. It is no secret that our chefs are busy curating menus to incorporate these organic lovelies within the dishes served to our Members, like the Harvest Bowl and Mojito drinks.































Grobrix is the pioneer of this low maintenance vertical farming system. Weekly, a member of the team will deliver and plant fresh seedlings, as well as nutrients to keep the crops looking healthy. There is also a quarterly cleaning and servicing of the equipment to ensure nothing stands in the way of delivering fresh produce to our Members. The automated lighting and irrigation system has offered us with a hands-free approach to allow these vegetables to grow by themselves. Our first harvest was on 13 August 2022, which went straight to our dishes!

Space is a huge constraint in small countries like Singapore and Grobrix’s ingenious take on soil-less vertical farming solves that issue. By blending the aesthetic qualities of an indoor green wall with functionalities of modern vertical farming, the ONE°15 Flora Garden is not just pleasing to the eye but to our stomachs as well. We look forward to dishing out more creative dishes comprising of house-grown greens to Members in the near future.




















28 November 2022

In addition to harvesting, the Grobrix team also fills up the water tanks. Every 3 – 4 weeks, the team replenishes the water irrigation tanks with precise doses of nutrients that ensure the seedlings sprout well.

This round of harvest gathered 3 kg of greens with lots of butterfly sorrels, romaine lettuce, rainbow chard, curly kale, and mint. These will go into the salads and garnishes for your food in the Club!

7 October 2022

Members gathered around the ONE°15 Flora Garden while the weekly harvest was on-going, and had the chance to learn about how these greens are harvested. A big thanks to Gareth from Grobrix for taking the time to explain the different greens and even giving a sprig of lavender for kids to have a whiff of!









1 September 2022

The refreshed LATITUDE Bistro menu has launched! The dishes incorporate our yield from the ONE°15 Flora Garden. Members can enjoy the delectable dishes such as the Harvest Bowl and the refreshing LATITUDE Kale Caesar Salad, both sourced from our own garden.