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ONE°15 Marina Expands Network with Launch of ONE°15 Marina Panwa Phuket

ONE°15 Marina Expands Network with Launch of ONE°15 Marina Panwa Phuket

Apr 9, 2024

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ONE°15 Marina Panwa Phuket Rendering

Singapore, 9 April 2024 – SUTL Enterprise (“SUTL”), a leading developer, operator and consultant of integrated marinas, in collaboration with the Numchai Group, is pleased to announce the development of ONE°15 Marina Panwa Phuket. The move marks a significant milestone in the expansion of the ONE°15 network and its ability to welcome members to distinct yachting destinations globally.

A Gateway to International Yachting Routes

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Nestled strategically at the southernmost tip of the island, ONE°15 Marina Panwa Phuket isn’t just a pivotal stop along the global yachting route; it stands as the nearest departure point to the captivating and highly coveted Phi Phi Islands. As a dynamic launchpad to explore Phuket’s expansive marina playground and island-hopping adventures across the Andaman Sea, the marina is poised to draw transient boaters from as far as Europe.

“Harnessing the established ONE°15 brand, we are excited to add another marina to our global network. ONE°15 Marina Panwa Phuket is committed to delivering the best-in-class marina standards and experience that our esteemed ONE°15 members and boaters worldwide can expect,” shared Mr Arthur Tay, CEO and Executive Director of SUTL Enterprise. “We look forward to welcoming ONE°15 members, new and existing, to this exciting new marina location.”

Acknowledged by charter operators and boat owners, ONE°15 Marina Panwa Phuket boasts exceptional accessibility, establishing it as a favored destination for leisure and luxury yachts. Attracting day trippers, this marina will serve as a hub for renowned charter operators, enabling them to provide captivating island-hopping tours and thereby amplifying the destination’s appeal.

Exceptional Recreational Facilities

From Q4 2024, ONE°15 Marina Panwa Phuket will welcome yachts and superyachts of up to 120ft. The collaboration with the Numchai Group paves the way for the development of upscale dining options and recreational club facilities, ensuring an exceptional experience for marina guests. Furthermore, both visitors and members can anticipate unparalleled yacht charter experiences, featuring on-water entertainment with live DJs and delectable local cuisine.

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