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WOK°15 Kitchen Unveils Exquisite New Menu at ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove Singapore

WOK°15 Kitchen Unveils Exquisite New Menu at ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove Singapore

Apr 2, 2024

chinese new year food bundle

Top left, Clockwise: Sautéed Pork Belly with Kai Lan; Seafood Treasures with Portuguese Sauce;
Braised Fish Maw, Crab Meat and Peach Gum

SINGAPORE – 3 April 2024 – WOK°15 Kitchen, ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove Singapore’s award-winning Cantonese restaurant proudly introduces its latest menu, honouring beloved classics while introducing modern creations to tantalise the taste buds of diners. With over 35 new additions, the menu now boasts an impressive selection of 118 scrumptious dishes, including succulent roasted meats, hearty soups, a diverse assortment of both dried and live seafood and meat, as well as vegetarian selections, offering an array of choices for every palate.

WOK°15 Kitchen radiates the spirit of the sea by featuring fresh live seafood for selection from the aquarium. Diners can select from a variety of fish, mud crab, tiger prawn, Boston lobster, and many more, cooked to perfection according to their preferences. From delicate sashimi to Singapore-style chilli sauce and baked with salted egg yolk, the menu offers an abundance of options, ensuring a feast for seafood enthusiasts.

Calista Tan, Marketing Manager of ONE°15 Marina, extends a warm invitation to family and corporate groups to indulge in the new menu at WOK°15 Kitchen. “Our expansive new menu presents a diverse selection of dishes tailored to please seafood aficionados, meat connoisseurs, and vegetarians alike. At WOK°15 Kitchen, we ensure a delightful experience for all”.

chinese new year food bundle

Chilled Poached Chicken

Starting with the well-loved appetiser infused with a little heat, 口水鸡 Chilled Poached Chicken (S$16) or chilled poached chicken with Szechuan chilli is the perfect choice. Incredibly flavourful, juicy, and delicious, the meticulously marinated chicken, well-seasoned with a combination of herbs, spices, and aromatics, is tender and juicy, with a moist texture that practically melts in the mouth, leaving everyone craving for more with every bite. Next is the restaurant’s signature menu, 米酒鸡 Sakura Chicken Simmered in Rice Wine (S$28), served with small black fungus, parsley, and ginger, which offers a unique creamy flavour with a subtle wine fragrance. The subtle sweetness from the tender Sakura chicken pairs perfectly with the crunchy small black fungus and freshness from parsley.

Seafood Symphony

Seafood enthusiasts cannot miss the exquisite 葡汁金瓜海霸王 Seafood Treasures with Portuguese Sauce (S$30), which showcases premium seafood, such as 10-head abalone, prawns and scallops, cooked to perfection and paired with a thick creamy Portuguese sauce. This dish is served in a beautifully crafted whole pumpkin, infusing the seafood with a subtle sweetness from the pumpkin flesh. Not to be missed is the flavourful and tender 蟹肉桃胶白花酿鱼鳔 Braised Fish Maw, Crab Meat and Peach Gum (S$28). The steamed spongy fish maw and prawn paste are delicately soaked in a savoury and umami gravy, complemented by crab meat and peach gum, adding sweetness and a refreshing flavour to the dish. Another signature is the 金汤海鲜石榴球 Braised Seafood in Egg White Parcel with Carrot Soup (S$18 per person), featuring a medley of scallop, prawn and diced chicken, enveloped in light and fluffy egg white skin. The addition of water chestnut and celery within the parcel lends a crunchy texture to the dish. Served in a vibrant sea of creamy carrot soup, this dish delivers a harmonious blend of sweet and savoury flavours, offering comfort and warmth with every spoonful.

organic Pineapple Rolls, Mala Pineapple Rolls

Steamed Marble Goby with Soy Meat Floss

Among the highlights is 豆酥蒸笋壳 Steamed Marble Goby with Soy Meat Floss (S$12 per 100g), which features housemade soy meat floss, showcasing the natural sweetness and tenderness of the red grouper complemented by the nutty notes of the soy meat floss, creating a balanced and flavourful dish. For a sophisticated indulgence, diners can savour 白松露菌油西施加拿大带子 Sautéed Canadian Scallops with Egg White and Truffle Oil (S$32). These sweet and delicate scallops are seared to perfection, boasting a caramelised texture on the outside while remaining juicy and tender inside. Topped with the intense earthy aroma of truffle oil, this dish offers a luxurious touch that elevates the dining experience.

organic Pineapple Rolls, Mala Pineapple Rolls

Sautéed King Prawn Balls

Those seeking a spicy kick can indulge in the 特制奶辣虾球 Sautéed King Prawn Balls in Spicy Cream Sauce (S$30), featuring succulent king prawns paired with a creamy sauce infused with the fragrance chilli oil. The creaminess of the sauce balances the spiciness, creating a harmonious blend of flavours, offering a rich, savoury flavour with a creamy texture that coats the palate.

Meat Lover’s Paradise

organic Pineapple Rolls, Mala Pineapple Rolls

L-R: Traditional Cantonese-style Braised Pork Ribs, served with Fried Chinese Steamed Buns;
Black Angus Beef Cubes with Garlic Flakes

For meat lovers, 古法广式京烤骨配黄金小馒头 Traditional Cantonese-style Braised Pork Ribs, served with Fried Chinese Steamed Buns (S$30) is a must-try. Prepared using a traditional recipe infused with red yeast rice vinegar, lending the dish its vibrant red colour, the tender pork ribs offer a refreshing and savoury experience. Paired with crispy fried Chinese steamed buns, perfect for dipping into the savoury sauce. Alternatively, for those who prefer beef, the 蒜片爆安格斯牛柳粒 Black Angus Beef Cubes with Garlic Flakes (S$36) beckon. Each satisfying bite of premium beef cubes is infused with the enticing aroma of garlic. Every mouthful bursts umami-rich flavours that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Next in line is the 妙酱烧肉炒芥兰 Sautéed Roasted Pork Belly with Kai Lan (S$26). Indulge in the beloved succulence of crispy roasted pork belly, expertly wok-fried alongside crunchy kai lan and tossed with the special house sauce—a classic combination that has won over countless palates.

Vegetarian Specials

organic Pineapple Rolls, Mala Pineapple Rolls

L-R: Deep-fried Beancurd Cubes with Japanese Seven-Spiced Pepper; WOK’s Greens

Ensuring there is something for everyone at WOK°15 Kitchen, the menu includes many vegetarian specials catering to vegetarian or green lovers. Among these options is the 七味脆豆腐 Deep-fried Beancurd Cubes with Japanese Seven-Spiced Pepper (S$14), known for its crispy yet soft texture. The dish offers subtle spiciness with a nuanced blend of Japanese-inspired flavours, providing a satisfying crunch paired with fragrant and aromatic seasoning—a delightful appetiser or snack option. Another standout on the menu is the 田翠八地仙 WOK’s Greens (S$26), featuring US asparagus, celery, ginkgo nuts, and duo-coloured fungus. Prepared with reduced oil and salt, this dish emphasises the freshness of its ingredients. It offers a delightful and nutritious option, celebrating the natural goodness, making it the perfect choice for health-conscious diners.

Nestled within Sentosa Cove, WOK°15 Kitchen offers an inviting ambience with spectacular view of the marina, providing a perfect backdrop for memorable dining experiences. Private dining rooms overlooking the marina are available for business and social functions, ensuring every occasion is celebrated in style.

For enquiries or reservations, please contact [email protected] or visit https://one15marina.com/wok15.

Please note that all prices are subject to prevailing government tax and 10% service charge.