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Meet the Team: Susana Chua

Meet the Team: Susana Chua

May 1, 2024

https://one15marina.com/“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” This famous quote is by former US president and statesman Abraham Lincoln. It’s an adage that Susana Chua, the Club’s Relationship Manager for Membership, has lived by. We live in times of increasing awareness of the need for flexibility and adaptability when it comes to our careers, and Susana has always been up for the challenge. She has never let her educational qualifications and past work experience restrict her to a certain industry.

Susana was born in the island of Bintan, Indonesia, but moved to the capital city of Jakarta at a young age, starting her career in an oil and gas company there. “I was so eager to join the workforce that I didn’t have the time to complete my graduation. I only recently acquired a degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from Kaplan in Singapore,” she laughs. Her eagerness and verve to learn didn’t go unnoticed and it was only a matter of time before she was promoted from a clerical position to that of a sales manager.

In 2016, her dream of living and working in Singapore came true, but the visa situation soon saw her making an industry pivot from manufacturing to construction. “I found that my skills were transferable. So with a bit of guidance from my senior, I was able to catch up,” she says undeterred.

But juggling studies with a demanding career in construction was challenging and when an administrative position—Assistant Admin Manager for Membership—opened up at ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove in April 2022, she jumped at it. But she soon realised that the work scope she opted for to get a better work-life balance had much more to offer and in tune with where she wanted to be and what she wanted to do.

As much as being in Singapore was a dream come true, working in an environment that was all about the water put the island girl at home instantly. “I knew of Sentosa, but I never imagined that such a beautiful place existed,” she gushes, recalling the day she stepped foot in the Club.

Late last year, she took on her current position as Relationship Manager for Membership. “It’s very different from my previous experiences in shipping and construction. Although I was handling sales there as well, it was a very B2B setup,” she says, whereas her current role is more client or Member facing.

Having dabbled in some customer-facing side hustles while in Jakarta, she remains unfazed. At the same time, she is very aware that familiarising herself with the specific workings of the marina and its offerings is key. “As the first point of contact for new Members, we are also the go-to for any queries they may have—even if it is not under our department—so I have to make sure I have all the information on hand to point them in the right direction.”

Having the support of her colleagues, the teamwork and camaraderie, she adds, has made the transition much easier. Susana’s personable and sincere approach to her work is another ace up her sleeve. “I always ensure I am able to give any job my best and see it through to the end,” she asserts.

It’s a trait she says she has acquired from her father, watching him navigate his work with apathy—in the shipping industry as well. “He is a very honest and patient person, who is always happy to lend a listening ear and offer support and advice. My mother on the other hand is very impatient and restless, so they balance each other out,” she laughs.

A former owner of an F&B outlet in Bintan, her mother has imparted some culinary lessons to Susana. “I have picked up many recipes from her, but these are for easy-to-cook dishes. My sister picked up all the complicated recipes. I am trying to become as good at baking as my mother though,” she adds.

That security of a solid family backing that she had growing up is of utmost value to Susana and she is raring to build the same with her husband, whom she met in December 2019 and got married to in 2021 during the time of COVID-19.

“I always dreamt of coming to Singapore, but I knew that I would not be able to do it without education. I cannot believe that today I am here, have a degree, in such a good working environment, and I met my better half here. So life has really worked out for me,” says Susana, adding that she has never been one on the quest of climbing the career ladder. “I am very happy where my hard work has brought me.”

The original article was published on the May/ June 24 issue of Longitude, ONE°15 Marina’s Club magazine. Read it here.