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Premium Eats

Choose from 3 unique premium bento selections:

• Premium Asian Seafood Bento
X.O. fried rice, gan xiang (golden fragrance) prawn, stir-fried mixed vegetables, Chinese cucumber salad.

• Premium French Bento
Potatoes au gratin, 40-clove garlic chicken, half-grilled celeriac with soy glaze and citrus salsa, salsa verde.

• Premium Vegetarian Platter Bento
Superfood grains (edamame beans, buckwheat and brown rice), grilled cauliflower steak, smoked sour plum tomato with compressed watermelon lemon vinaigrette.

*All bento sets are available for a minimum order of 20 bento boxes. Orders must be placed at least 3 days in advance. Halal options may also be arranged upon request. Bento sets may be mixed, with a minimum order of 10 sets per selection.