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Infinity Pool

Take a dip or get a tan in the infinity pool whilst enjoying the spectacular view of the marina. The pool area also features a wading pool, a Jacuzzi and shower facilities, perfect for a relaxing day out with the family!




Swimming Programmes

Group Swimming Lesson

Swimming programmes designed for all ages. Practise personal survival, rough motor skills and master all strokes with the right techniques in a safe environment and coaches from Yvonne Swim School.

Class Type Age Day Duration
Babies & Toddlers 6 months – 3 years old Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays 30-minute
Kids – Beginner 4 – 16 years old 30-minute
Kids – Intermediate to Advanced 4 – 16 years old 30-minute and 45-minute

$112 for 4 lessons (Member)

Private/ Semi-private Lesson

For those who prefer learning with a private coach, these lessons are perfect for you. Great for swimmers of all levels regardless of age group and you can learn with the coach of your choice from Yvonne Swim School.

Programme Age Day Price/ Duration
Private (1 swimmer) All Any $70/ 30-minute
$80/ 45-minute
$90/ 60-minute
Semi-private (2 swimmers) All Any $45 per person/ 30-minute
$50 per person/ 45-minute
$55 per person/ 60-minute

All prices stated are nett. 


Looking to keep fit? Join us for exciting swimming workouts such as AquaBike and AcquaPole® & AcquaPole Boxing®. Tone up, burn fat and achieve a stronger core!

Programme Day & Time Price
Aqua Bike Tuesdays, 8.15am – 9.05am $132 for 4 lessons, $40 per lesson (Member),
$155 for 4 lessons, $45 per lesson (Member’s guest)
AcquaPole® & AcquaPole Boxing® Thursdays, 9.30am – 10.20am $132 for 4 lessons, $40 per lesson (Member),
$155 for 4 lessons, $45 per lesson (Member’s guest)
Hydrotherapy By appointment only $86 (45-minute)
$109 (1-hour)

All prices stated are nett.

Locker Rental

Keep your belongings safe as you spend your time here at the Club! For your convenience, both female and male changing room lockers are now available for rental from as low as $10 per month, with a minimum rental of six months.


Duration Price
6 months $65 (small), $130 (medium), $195 (large)
1 year $120 (small), $240 (medium), $360 (large)

Contact Information

Level 1
7am – 9pm (Infinity Pool)
6.30am – 10pm, Sun – Thu; 6.30am – 11pm, Fri & Sat (Changing Room)

+65 6305 6980 | [email protected]