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Code Of Ethics

ONE°15 Marina’s Company Code of Ethics outlines our commitment to operate at the highest level of excellence, honesty, fairness, and integrity to achieve our Mission – to be Asia’s Finest Marina.

  • Act responsibly and ethically towards the community, other Members, staff and customers
  • Practice and foster sustainable economic, environmental and socially responsible management
  • Comply with the legislation, regulation and codes of practice that apply to the industry
  • Do all that is reasonably possible to promote safe facility management, boating and education practices
  • Act in accordance with the highest standards of honesty, integrity and fairness
  • Exhibit professional courtesy and integrity at all times
  • Not seek or accept from third parties any favour to his own advantage in whatsoever form or howsoever described in connection with the business of any ONE°15 Marina’s company
  • Ensure all advertising and representations are truthful and accurate
  • Strive to achieve industry best practices and excellence in quality of service to customers and in obligations to the environment
  • Supervisors and instructors should be aware that their own conduct and behaviour should be mature, reasonable and appropriate at all times.
  • Always be alert to any unfair or inappropriate behaviour that would be unsafe or affect the enjoyment of personnel under their control.
  • Any personnel working for or on behalf of the club whether full time or voluntarily should always behave in such a manner that encourages a safe and enjoyable environment for others.