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The new Non-Executive Chairman and Independent Director of SUTL Enterprise, is all set to steer ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove towards a new horizon.
Switching career paths landed her in the dream job and she is all set to ride the wave.
Hear our experienced wedding planners answer top burning questions that couples have and what they should look out for when holding their solemnisation and/or reception in 2022/2023
Captain Richard Howe single-handedly sailed around the world. Now, at 77, he is helping others enjoy a life on water.
"I just hope that the imprints I leave behind will be in people's memories."
Captain Jose Molina Salinas grew up in Majorca, Spain, amidst picturesque islands and aquamarine waters.
“This is something that people do not know about me,” starts Pesci. “They see me as an extrovert, who likes to enjoy life. But I am very much a family guy."