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The Ocean Collective Summit returns in full force, championing innovative ocean sustainability solutions

The Ocean Collective Summit returns in full force, championing innovative ocean sustainability solutions

Sep 20, 2023

  • The Ocean Collective Summit, a solutions-based marine conservation conference will be held as part of Blue Water EduFest, from 2 – 3 November 2023.
  • This year’s conference places a significant emphasis on technology and social innovation as a driving force for marine conservation solutions, harnessing its potential to address critical challenges in safeguarding our oceans.

Singapore, 20 September 2023Blue Water EduFest, a non-profit marine and coastal conservation event organised by ONE°15 Events Management (“ONE°15”), a subsidiary of SUTL Enterprise Limited (“SUTL”), will feature a dynamic two-day conference, known as The Ocean Collective Summit (“TOCS”), a collaborative effort between The International SeaKeepers Society and The Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Centre. Held at ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove, the conference, now in its 2nd edition, carries the theme “Inspiring Innovative Ocean Solutions,” which serves as a call to action to address the pressing global challenges of preserving our invaluable oceans. This theme not only underscores the urgency of our times but also highlights the imperative for pioneering and inventive solutions to confront the intricate challenges confronting our marine ecosystems.


Fine balance of technology and community support of marine ecosystems
At its core, the summit is dedicated to delving into the role of technological advancements in marine conservation. The conference will serve as a platform for in-depth discussions and insights into how technological solutions are pivotal in our mission to safeguard the oceans. It aims to unravel and explore the potential of cutting-edge technologies, like using AI to unite the world’s ocean data sets.

While technology takes centre stage as a powerful tool in our arsenal in ocean conservation, the two-day conference also shines a spotlight on the several community efforts that are being undertaken around the world – highlighting that both technology and human effort are needed to help protect and preserve our ocean systems.

By fostering collaboration among thought leaders, experts, and change-makers, the conference aspires to pave the way for a sustainable and thriving future for our oceans. Through these interactions, attendees will gain inspiration and knowledge on how innovative technological solutions can lead the charge towards achieving long-term ecological equilibrium in our oceans.

Fabien Cousteau

“Our oceans are both our lifeblood and our responsibility. By innovating and acting sustainably, we hold the key to safeguarding these vast, interconnected ecosystems for future generations. I envision the conference this year to be a beacon of hope, guiding us to unlock the boundless potential within ourselves and our oceans, forging a legacy of true stewardship,” said Fabien Cousteau, Aquanaut, Oceanographic Explorer, Environmental Advocate and Founder of The Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center and Proteus Ocean Group.


Speakers Spotlight
Other than Cousteau, other key speakers include; Jeremy McKane, CEO of ocn.ai; the 2022 Blue Water Heroes winners; Jamie McMichael Phillips, who is the Director of Nippon Foundation-GEBCO Seabed 2030 Project and many more.

A highlight of the conference is the elaboration on Seabed 2030, a global initiative aiming to map the entire ocean floor by 2030. At the moment, only 25% of the seabed is mapped. Through crowdsourcing and the use of data loggers, the initiative aims to create a comprehensive digital map of the world’s ocean floor, benefiting scientific research, environmental conservation, resource management, and more.

Several initiatives involving local communities and the success they’ve experienced in their marine and ocean conservation efforts will also be discussed. Organisations such as ICON Yachts and WildTeam will share their projects which emphasises the importance of seeking synergy between human purposes and the preservation of natural environments.

“Through the Ocean Collective Summit, we aim to bring attention to aspects of ocean sustainability which often remain insufficiently addressed but have the potential to significantly drive positive impact on marine preservation. Seabed 2030 will hopefully give everyone – from marine scientists to leisure water sports athletes – a better understanding of the ocean and help unlock the mystery; while listening to our peers share success stories, gives the conservation community the encouragement that more can be and is being done,” stated Mr. Julian Chang, President of The International SeaKeepers Society Asia.

In addition to the conference, the second edition of Blue Water EduFest (2 – 4 November) will also feature a prestigious awards gala dinner recognising eco champions and will culminate in a meaningful marina and beach clean-up. It too serves as a crucial platform for stakeholders to unite in the critical mission to find actionable solutions to safeguard our oceans and coastlines in the region. Sports event management company, KIN, is one local stakeholder who is putting their expertise to good use with the delivery of the event.

“As a leading world-class sports event management company, KIN is proud to bridge the sports community with our shared enthusiasm and collaborative spirit to further Blue Water EduFest‘s vital mission – protecting our oceans for a sustainable tomorrow” emphasised Mr Ko Chee Wah, Executive Chairman of KIN. Through this collaboration, KIN demonstrates its dedication to fostering sustainability and environmental conservation.

With a passionate commitment to empowering passionate, bold eco-champions in Southeast Asia, Blue Water EduFest 2023 aspires to push the limits of marine conservation with unwavering dedication and a clear sense of purpose. The conference will be a confluence of ideas, initiatives and solutions that merge and highlight both – the technological advancements needed for ocean conservation and the impact of community-driven and human efforts that help sustain these initiatives.

About The Ocean Collective Summit
The Ocean Collective Summit (TOCS) is a programme initiated by The SeaKeepers in cooperation with Fabien Cousteau; the Founder of The Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Centre and Proteus Ocean Group; and famed for his work as an Aquanaut, Oceanographic Explorer and Environmental Advocate.

TOCS aims to bring a focus on the ocean and its intricate connections to life and all the inhabitants of our planet, Earth. Through its annual conference, TOCS will gather thought leaders to educate, raise awareness and inspire action to be taken and work collectively towards a more sustainable future. For more information, please visit https://theoceancollective.net/.

About The International SeaKeepers Society
The non-profit International SeaKeepers Society enhances ocean understanding, advocates for critical marine issues, and collaborates with the yachting community for research and conservation. Founded in 1998 by concerned yacht owners, it conducts yacht-involved programmes.

SeaKeepers Asia, initiated in 2016 by Board Member and Asia President Julian Chang, broadens these efforts. Expanding on our existing international initiatives, SeaKeepers Asia aims to raise awareness about the region’s status, fostering appreciation and dedication to preserving, conserving, and restoring the marine environment and ecosystem whenever feasible.

Motto: Research, Educate, Protect, Restore. For more information, please visit https://www.seakeepers.org/

About Kin
Kin consistently raises the bar as a renowned experiential agency, specialising in curating distinct and memorable experiences tailored to each unique event. They expertly employ innovation and technology to flawlessly orchestrate complex events, consistently delivering exceptional results, even under challenging timelines. Their profound understanding of event management and experiential excellence transcends geographical boundaries, allowing them to adapt and excel in diverse project environments around the world.

Kin’s dedication extends beyond the realm of event management to encompass Corporate Social Responsibility exemplified by their active involvement in organizing the Blue Water EduFest. This initiative aims to foster sports and sustainability hand in hand.

Visit https://www.kin.net/ for more information.