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This Is What An All-In-One Island Adventure Looks Like

This Is What An All-In-One Island Adventure Looks Like

Dec 2, 2020

“It is like an all-in-one holiday without having to leave the country.’ – Sylvia Ng, Senior Manager, ONE15 Luxury Yachting

Among the things that seem to be evolving in the new-normal in Singapore, spending a night out at sea on a luxurious yacht carries all the allure of an island vacation. When you think of the things Singaporeans love, food comes to mind. The country’s love for food is only equalled by the plethora of choices available on the island. But a study done in 2018 by online travel shopping company Expedia, added one more to that list: staycations.

For more information on ONE15 Luxury Yachting’s sea-cation promotions, as well as how you can plan and customise yours, visit one15luxuryyachting.com or contact [email protected].

Local hotel bookings by Singaporeans on Expedia.com.sg showed an increase of 40 per cent from before. The reason for this being that staycations offer a quick getaway from the norm without the hassle of airline bookings, jet lag and having to pack within airline restrictions. The number becomes even more relevant in the current climate with border closings and global travel restrictions that seem like will take some time to ease off.

What if you could have the pleasure of a getaway away from home and routine, and spend a night with nature, sailing the high seas? That’s what you get from ONE15 Luxury Yachting’s sea-cation packages. They have all the bells and whistles, and allure of an adventurous holiday, exploring the Southern islands—and Northern islands—of Singapore depending on the option you choose. You could spend a day—from 2pm to 10am the following day—on board a swanky yacht with adedicated captain and crew at your disposal.

All meals are prepared, as per dietary restrictions specified, and served on-board. For your entertainment pleasure are amenities such as kayaks, karaoke, cabins, a piano and barbecue grill—and a mahjong table, if you have opted for a sea-cation aboard Eagle Wings. Guests can add on jetskis, towable water toys, seabobs and fishing rods to their package if they like. They can also customise their experiences based on personal interests and incorporate a fishing expedition, for instance, into their itinerary.



Yacht charters, which were at a lull during the Government Circuit Breaker, picked up soon after the country moved to Phase 2 on 19 June with safety regulations and restrictions to the number of people on board—limited to five people.

So, enhancing the wanderlust experience at sea by offering luxury staycations seemed like a natural progression, which was rolled out by certain boaters as part of their recovery plan, says Sylvia Ng, Senior Manager of ONE15 Luxury Yachting. “Yachting vacations are relatively new in Singapore, although they have been very popular in Europe, especially in the Mediterranean area and North America for decades,” says Sylvia, adding that they tend to become holidays packaged with cultural immersion and nightlife among other things for vacationers as they dock in different destinations.

“Locally, a few yachting companies have been providing yachting holidays to nearby destinations such as Batam, Tioman, Anambas and the like in recent years. But COVID-19 has spurred companies to revisit and refine the concept of a local yachting holiday or sea-cation within Singapore waters.”


So the draw for most Singaporeans is the novelty of the experience and the ease with which they can incorporate many elements in one holiday—think overnight stay on water, exploring Singapore’s many islands, indulging in water sports activities, and least but not the least, resting and relaxing in luxurious settings. “It is like an all-in-one holiday without having to leave the country,” adds Sylvia. Truth be told, few things can beat the feeling of waking up to the sounds of waves and enjoying a breakfast—cooked and served on board by a dedicated crew—with the morning breeze blowing on your face.


For those wanting to go all out on a cruise on Singapore waters, there are two-day, one-night; as well as three-day, two-night options to choose from. Combining the best of Singapore’s waters, guests who choose either of the sea-cations will explore popular islands such as Pulau Ubin, Lazarus Island and Sisters’ Islands, and take in the sunset at Marina Bay, before anchoring at St. John’s Bay for the night. Longer itineraries also throw in Pulau Semakau—Singapore’s first and only offshore landfill island—and Pulau Hantu. Guests who choose the longer itineraries get the unique opportunity to explore the flora and fauna of Seletar Island in the northern coast of Singapore as well. With so much to offer, Sylvia anticipates that yacht staycations are here to stay—beyond the realm of the current necessity. “Just like how hotel staycations are evergreen, I think a luxury sea-cation will gain traction over time and amass popularity,” she adds.

Why Sea-cations?

They are safe, especially in the current climate.

Being on your own private yacht means that there is less contact with others and less chance of contamination or infection.
The expert crew pay close attention to the disinfecting and cleaning of surfaces daily and follow all safe distancing methods in addition to usual safety equipment and briefings. 

They are family-oriented.

Sea-cations are a great opportunity for family bonding, because everyone takes part in all activities together. No one can venture out on their own when out at sea.

They are fun and educational.

Whether you are a history buff or an amateur photographer, such sea-cations offer unique insight into the stories or folklore behind Singapore’s islands as well as unusual perspectives to capture its beauty on camera.