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Meet The Team: Ridzuan Bin Mohammad, ONE°15 Marina Club Chauffeur

Meet The Team: Ridzuan Bin Mohammad, ONE°15 Marina Club Chauffeur

Nov 15, 2021

The original article was published on the Nov-Dec’21 issue of Longitude, ONE°15 Marina’s Club magazine. Read it here.

It’s a very rainy day on the island as the crew sets up for the photoshoot. Ridzuan Bin Mohammad walks in, a tad breathless, and apologises for being late—although he is in fact, a few minutes early.

It’s when we start chatting that the Club’s driver relates the reason he thought he may have run late, He was on his way back from an errand, “I saw these two children [of a Member] that I know getting drenched in the rain—their yacht is berthed in the marina—so I gave them a ride home”, explains the 37-year-old.

It’s this empathy and respect for time—and a love for driving—that make him the perfect candidate for his job.


This is not Ridzuan’s first job in the transport or maritime industry. Right after his National Service, Ridzuan joined the supply chain operations division at Port of Singapore Authority (PSA). “It was when I was at PSA that my eyes opened up more to the automotive industry,” says Ridzuan, as he was dealing with RORO (roll-on roll-off) vessels that were in transit in Singapore while delivering automobiles. While his job involved planning the blueprint, “I also made sure I was available when they needed a car jockey to move the cars”, he smiles.

His enthusiasm and desire to expand to the hotel and tourism industry is what brought him to the shores of ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove—in August 2019. “It was my first-time experience working in a Club environment, but what struck me was how friendly the staff were,” he says. While they eased his transition, the friendly Ridzuan managed to endear himself to everyone in an equally short time.

“Pre-COVID-19 days, I used to do a lot of airport pick-ups—I was initially a little nervous being around high-profile people such as the CEO and Chairman of the company, and embassy delegates, but as time passed by, I was able to overcome it,” says the self-professed ambivert, adding, “It has certainly been a tremendous learning experience that has helped me to mature, professionally and also personally.”

Given the current pandemic situation, his airport transfers have become limited, but Ridzuan successfully pivoted to other things—from collecting packages and delivering documents to the affiliate marina ONE°15 Marina Puteri Harbour to taking on the unofficial role of a city guide when driving guests, and more.


It can sometimes get overwhelming, he admits, but his well-honed capability to time-manage has held him in good stead, not to mention his calm
demeanour. “I very rarely get angry or upset. I believe that every situation has a solution and choose to look at the positive side of things,” he says.

The conviction in that statement has been endorsed by the various positive testimonials he has received by Members, guests and the public alike. Barely two weeks into his job, Ridzuan was pleasantly surprised on receiving a pat on his back from his superiors for a job well done. It was for helping fix a total stranger’s punctured tyre and driving them to the nearest workshop. Identifying the van Ridzuan was driving as belonging to the Club, the grateful owners of the car had written in, commending his honesty and integrity—he had refused a cash reward from them as well. Then, there was the time, he stepped in to help direct the traffic at the scene of an accident. The list goes on. He has also received a slew of awards such as the Employee of The Month, National Kindness Award – Service Gold, EXSA Award – Star in 2019 and 2020, and FDAWU / NTUC / SHA Employee of the Year for 2021.

“I believe that every situation has a solution and choose to look at the positive side of things.”

Ecstatic as he is for such recognition, Ridzuan credits all that he is today to his parents. “They taught me from young to be kind and courteous. They have nurtured me to be the person I am today, and always supported me through my decisions,” he says in genuine gratitude.

As in any job, there are challenges and unpleasant encounters, but Ridzuan keeps his friendly smile on. Plus, all is forgotten when he has music playing loud when he is alone in his car—traffic, parking woes, irate passengers, and security personnel, no bar.

There is one other thing that keeps him going. “The best part of my job is that I have a great deal of flexibility and that I am trusted. My aim is to work hard to maintain that trust,” he says. What makes it that much easier is the fact that he identifies with the goals of the company—“the vision of the ONE°15 Marina brand and its commitment to marine conservation”, and looks forward to being a part of that mission for more years to come.