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Wedding Trends to Expect in 2020 and Beyond

Wedding Trends to Expect in 2020 and Beyond

Feb 27, 2020

The dawn of a new decade spells new flavours and styles when it comes to hosting the biggest party of your life – your wedding! Here are the top wedding trends to expect in 2020 and beyond.

Top 2020 Wedding Trends:

Colour Themes

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Move over feminine lilac; we’re going bold and unconventional with wedding colour combinations in 2020. Add a dash of sunshine to the joyful day with champagne & mustard. Connect with your earthy roots with mint & forest green. Bring vintage back with the rustic Terra Cotta combination. If you prefer sticking close to tradition, cinnamon rose brings a modern twist to classic colours.

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Intimate Wedding Spaces

Couples are trading large-scale weddings for more intimate affairs of less than 50 guests. Why split your attention between hundreds of guests (including your father’s uncle’s best friend’s daughter-in-law) when you can focus on sharing your most precious moments with the ones who mean the most to you?

The elegant NOVA Room perched atop a glass tower with panoramic views of the marina is the perfect venue for an intimate wedding. View photos here. 

Unique (Non-Hotel) Venues

When was the last time you distinctly remembered what a hotel ballroom looked like? After attending your nth wedding ceremony, all hotel ballrooms start looking one and the same. To stand out from the wedding crowd in 2020, opt for unique, non-hotel venues such as a yacht wedding, full glass rooms, or maybe even a floating bar!

Customization & Personalization

Nothing spells heartfelt more than a personalized gift. Forget off-the-rack door gifts that make their way into the the Christmas re-gifting basket. With smaller intimate settings, couples can have more energy to personalize gifts for each one of your valued guests. We’re talking name-engraved wooden placements, individualized thank you cards, or even cooking up a signature cocktail in your guests’ name.

Importance of Atmosphere

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While photobooths provide entertainment and good fun for the first 30 minutes of the wedding, what sticks in the long-term memories of you and your guests is the overall atmosphere and the beauty of the moments captured in photos throughout the night. In 2020, focus on creating an unforgettable atmosphere through your selection of live bands, DJs, games and activities, and of course through your choice of contemporary colour-themes and decorations.

Your big day should be about enjoying yourself and creating beautiful memories with the ones you love. Don’t sweat the small details. Allow us to shower you with our signature ONE°15 hospitality when you hold your wedding with us.