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A hidden gem waiting to be explored.

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Explore ONE°15’s New Yachting Destination

Nestled amidst crystal clear waters and surrounded by nature’s beauty, ONE°15 Marina Nirup Island offers the perfect blend of luxury and adventure. Located off Batam, Indonesia, it is less than 8 nautical miles from Singapore.

Managed by ONE°15 Marina and opened in July 2023, Nirup Island is the epitome of eco-luxury living. We are committed to marine and environmental conservation as we believe in preserving the island’s natural beauty for future generations.  As such, we have implemented various eco-friendly practices at our marina, such as recycling and energy conservation, to minimise our impact on the environment.

Unwind and set sail with us to ONE°15 Marina Nirup Island!

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44 Berths (Phase 1)

Customs, Immigration, Quarantine (CIQ) Facility

24-hour Security and CCTV Surveillance

Laundry Amenities

Shower Rooms



Marina Reception

Sea Sports Centre

Experience Nirup Island Like Never Before

ONE°15 Marina Nirup Island presents a range of exceptional amenities and services that will satisfy your sense of adventure. From kayaking in the crystal clear waters, taking a stroll along the pristine sandy beaches, touring the private island, to savouring a delectable spread at our restaurant, indulge in unforgettable moments and discover the hidden wonders it has to offer!

The Sea Sports Centre provides beach and water activities such beach volley ball, kayaks and banana boat rides, at your own expense. Please email [email protected] to book your desired activities.

Clubhouse Restaurant

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Wet Berthing Rental Rates (IDR)
Size/ Type ONE°15 Marina Member Non-ONE°15 Marina Member
(ft) Daily¹ Monthly² Annual Monthly² Daily¹ Monthly² Annual Monthly²
< 40 17,760 260,850 195,360 18,870 289,710 217,560
41 – 50 22,200 326,340 244,200 24,420 362,970 271,950
51 – 60 26,640 391,830 293,040 28,860 435,120 326,340
61 – 70 29,970 456,210 342,990 33,300 507,270 380,730
71 – 80 34,410 521,700 391,830 38,850 579,420 435,120
81 – 100 38,850 587,190 528,360 43,290 652,680 587,190
> 101 43,290 652,680 587,190 48,840 724,830 652,680

¹ per foot per day
² per foot per month

Custom Clearance Fees (Per Clearance)
Size/ Type Member Non-Member
≤ 80 ft 4,162,540 4,540,953
≥ 81ft 4,919,366 5,297,779
 Promotional Price for Custom Clearance Fees
(Round Trip – In & Out of Nirup)
Size/ Type Member Non-Member
≤ 80 ft 5,827,557 6,357,334
≥ 81ft 6,887,112 7,416,890
Price without Health book or First Aid box
Other Items for Sale
Purchase of Health Book (Green Book) 1,650,000 1,787,500
Purchase of First Aid Box 528,000 572,000
Electricity 6,660/ Kwh
Water 88,800/ Cu M
Nirup Island wet berthing rates
Nirup Island Custom Clearance Fees

Berth / Vessel Surcharges:

The minimum length charge is 35ft.

Berthing rental rates are charged based on the physical measurement of the vessel or the length of berth, whichever is greater. Length of the vessel will be rounded to the nearest linear foot.

Catamaran, Trimaran or large Monohull (vessel surpassing the allocated width or alongside) will be subject to double berthing charges.

Deposits: (Member & Non-member)

Annual Monthly rate: 2 Months Berthing Fee (incl. surcharges)

Daily & Monthly rate: 10% of total Berthing Fee (incl. surcharges)

⁺All prices are charged in Indonesia Rupiah (IDR) and inclusive of VAT.
Prices are correct at time of print and are subject to changes without prior notice.


Q1: How many days’ notice do I need to give before my visit to ONE°15 Marina Nirup Island?

A: For any CIQP service, a minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required prior to arrival.

Q2: Who can I contact to book a berth?

A: You may call or drop us a Whatsapp us at +62 8116253888, or email [email protected] for more information. The Marina Office operates from 9am to 6pm daily.

Q3: Who do I contact for a CIQP booking?

A: You may submit your booking request here. For more information, you may call or Whatsapp us at +62 8116253888, or email [email protected]. The Marina Office operates from 9am to 6pm daily.

Q4: What is the arrival procedure for CIQP?

A: You may refer to this checklist for more details.

Q5: What are the visa requirements for my visit?

A: For more information on nationalities requiring a visa, please refer to molina.imigrasi.go.id. Kindly ensure that all crew and passengers who require a Visitor Visa have purchased their visas online at molina.imigrasi.go.id.

Q6: Can I book a private yacht charter to visit ONE°15 Marina Nirup Island?

A: Yes, you may. Please contact ONE°15 Charters Luxury Yachting via email at [email protected] or Whatsapp at +65 8818 2735 for more information on rates and booking.