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Level 4 Clean Marina Accreditation (ISO 14001)

Level 4 Clean Marina Accreditation (ISO 14001)

Apr 13, 2019

ONE°15 Marina has once again been re-accredited as a Level 4 International Clean Marina in 2021, in line with the International Standard 14001 (ISO 14001)!

This accreditation is part of the International Clean Marina Program, owned and managed by Marina Industries Association (MIA).

The Clean Marina program aims to assist the marina industry operators in their endeavors to protect inland and coastal waterways by leading them through an accreditation process to develop valuable environmental management practices.

As part of our environmental policy, ONE°15 Marina will be moving towards becoming a plastic light marina. We have already eliminated the use of many plastic items within the club (such as plastic bottles, and toiletries), and hope to remove even more plastic through the year 2020. Upcoming plans include prohibiting the use of confetti and balloons within the marina berthing areas.

We look forward to receiving support for this new policy from boaters as we stride towards a cleaner, greener marina for all life within the marina.

EDIT: This event has been featured on Marina Industries Association’s magazine (pg 9)

For enquiries about our clean marina efforts, please contact Marina department at [email protected] or 6305 6991.