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ONE°15 Marina Plays a Part in Saving the Oceans

ONE°15 Marina Plays a Part in Saving the Oceans

Dec 12, 2019

The Club has been working on several green initiatives, stepping up its environmental protection efforts. Here are some examples.

1. Stamping out Single-use Plastics

Stamping out single-use plastics is first on our priority list, so at the Club you will now find recyclable tableware and paper containers in all of our dining outlets. Keep up the good work by bringing a reusable bag for your wet clothes as we will no longer be offering plastic bags at the poolside.

2. Replacing Bottles with Jugs of Water

Over 16 million plastic bottles are discarded worldwide each day so from now on, we will be providing water to our hotel guests in glass bottles. Similarly for conferences, plastic bottles will be replaced with jugs of water.

3. Switching from Print to Digital

Efforts are being made to stamp out paper printing such as switching from print to e-statements. Members may also apply for various requests via online forms instead of filling out physical forms at the front desk.

4. Maintaining a Clean Marina

Several initiatives have been implemented to maintain the cleanliness of the marina, such as introducing ashtrays and sea bins, and imposing fines for littering. The marina has also banned the use of balloons and confetti as we found that most of these material end up at the bottom of the seabed. Check out what else we hauled out of the marina during our annual marina clean-up.

5. Launching a Coral Garden

The Club launched the ONE°15 Marina –SeaKeepers Asia Coral Garden in partnership with the National University of Singapore as our pledge to protect, maintain and develop the ecosystem in our marina. Our long-term vision is to develop the Coral Garden into an educational site where children can learn about marine biodiversity in a safe and controlled environment.

ONE°15 Marina is committed to doing our part for the environment and maintaining our Level 4 Clean Marina Accreditation (ISO 14001).

If you have any suggestions to improve the green initiatives at the Club, we’d love to hear from you at [email protected].