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Simple Eco-Friendly Tips For Kids

Simple Eco-Friendly Tips For Kids

Jun 5, 2020

According to the United Nations, 40% of our oceans are significantly impacted by human activity, which affects the coral reefs around the world. Let’s do our part in saving our corals and ocean! Going green and being eco-friendly can start from young children and they can learn valuable lessons about how to be a good steward of the Earth.

  1. Turn It Off
  2. Get A Reusable Water Bottle (And Use It!)
  3. Save Water
  4. Purchase Eco-Friendly Products And Minimise Food Waste
  5. Use Beeswax Instead Of Cling Wraps 

1. Turn it off

You can begin with your daily habits! Energy conservation is one of the most important things.

  • Leaving your electrical on standby uses up energy – hit the off switch!
  • Open your shades or blinds in the morning to let natural light in, rather than using electricity.
  • Put aside your electronic devices and work on some simple drawing and colouring! Here are 2 simple draw and colour ideas:

Draw Ombre Colourful Dresses


Zentangle Patterns


2. Get a reusable water bottle (and use it!)

Every year, approximately 8 million tons of plastic enter the sea. About 1.5 million tons of that is just plastic bottles. Have your own water bottles and fill it up when you go to school, out for a walk or play. Stop buying bottled water! Support local store: The Paper Bunny and their sustainable collection, which includes a stylish reusable collapsible bottle.

3. Save water

Save water when brushing your teeth, wash your hands or when taking a shower! Reusing pasta or veggie water, often rich in nutrients, to water plants is also something kids can enjoy doing.

4. Purchase eco-friendly products and minimise food waste

  • Direct from Australia is Scoop Wholefoods, which opened its first international store in Singapore this year. It specialises in retailing organic and natural products in bulk, allowing customers to buy only as much as they need, thus minimising food waste.
  • Check out one of our Eco-day 2019 vendors – Unpackt! Unpackt offers eco-friendly lifestyle products alongside package-free groceries.
  • Get organic fruit and veg boxes from Avo & Co, one of the supportive vendors at our annual ONE15 Boat Light Parade and Sentosa Cove Holiday Market! Additionally, you won’t get the plastic guilts with Avo & Co 🙂


5. Use beeswax wraps instead of cling wraps

Giving plastic up isn’t as difficult as you might think – bring a canvas bag with you when you go shopping, use your own cutleries when you takeaway food, replace cling wraps with beeswax wraps! Check out one of our Eco-day 2019 vendors – Minimakers, a local maker of artisanal beeswax wrap.