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ONE°15 Eco Day 2021: Raising Awareness For Ocean Conservation

ONE°15 Eco Day 2021: Raising Awareness For Ocean Conservation

Sep 20, 2021

The 4th edition of the ONE°15 Eco Day was held on 12 September 2021 in conjunction with the celebration of the Club’s 14th Anniversary. Each year, a day has been dedicated to raising awareness for ocean conservation and coral restoration, and this year’s program was particularly informative and engaging, comprising activities for all ages.  

make your own coral reef workshop

The first activity of the day was a craft workshop, which began with a short educational talk to introduce children to coral reefs and their conservation. 

Using plasticine and various tools, children were encouraged to try moulding the materials into different types of corals. Some exceeded their creative boundaries and made marine creatures such as a sea snake in a cave and sea urchins. Parents were also intrigued by the activity and were happy to see their little ones enjoy the activity.

Ocean Conservation Talk by NUS and ONE°15 Coral Garden Tour

An ocean conservation talk was held at the Constellation Ballroom by the Tropical Marine Science Institute, National University of Singapore, for adults and children who were interested to learn more about ocean conservation, coral reefs, and how they can do their part for Mother Earth. 

The audience was marvelled by how researchers measure coral growth, what causes corals to bleach, as well as other fun facts on coral reefs in Singapore. Quizzes were thrown, and children were excited to answer them to win prizes from ONE°15 Marina! The talk ended with a tour to the ONE°15 Coral Garden, where it was showcased for the first time. 

During the tour, Members were introduced to how the coral garden was conceptualized and set up, the process of coral transplantation, common types of corals found in the marina and Singapore waters, and they walked down the pontoon to see baby corals in the nursery. It was a lucky day for us; we saw a cuttlefish resting on a rock, a filefish playing amidst the baby corals and the water was crystal clear, which allowed Members to see the mature corals at the sea bed.

dinner with sustainable seafood

The Eco Day ended with Members savouring a seafood dinner curated by in-house Executive Chef, Desmond Goh. The menu focused on sustainable seafood – seafood that is caught in ways that consider the long-term vitality of harvested species and the well-being of the oceans, as well as the livelihoods of fisheries-dependent communities. Besides filling their stomachs with sumptuous dishes, Members were also made aware of the dangers of overfishing and its effect on the seas.

Overall, Members enjoyed their day in the Club and families had a great time bonding through these meaningful activities. Inspired and intrigued by their newfound knowledge, many Members expressed that they would like to attend more eco-related events and contribute to the Club’s coral restoration efforts.