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Ultimate Guide To Exploring Lazarus Island: How to Go & Things to Do

Ultimate Guide To Exploring Lazarus Island: How to Go & Things to Do

Mar 16, 2021

Lazarus Island is a tranquil, beautiful island to the south of Singapore. Also known as Pulau Sekijang Pelepah, Lazarus island is a popular choice for a fun and refreshing island getaway with family and friends.

Located approximately 6.5 kilometres from Singapore and a 20-minute yacht ride from ONE°15 Marina, Lazarus Island is one of the few spots at Singapore’s Southern Islands where private chartered yachts or boats are allowed to anchor and dock. Upon docking at Lazarus, guests can then disembark to enjoy the island and the many delightful activities it can offer!

In this article, we summed up a handy guide on all you need to know for your trip to Lazarus Island.

  1. How to go to Lazarus Island?
  2. Things to do in Lazarus Island.

How to go to Lazarus Island

Charter a Private Yacht

For a memorable and luxurious trip to Lazarus Island, consider chartering a private yacht and enjoy an amazing time on the high seas with family and friends!

In addition to the convenience of getting to Lazarus Island easily, you can also enjoy an array of activities on board such as a barbecue and fun water activities – all with a beautiful view of the Singapore skyline.

Best part? It is perfect for all special occasions – a birthday surprise, anniversary surprise and a quality family time together. 

ONE15 Luxury Yachting offers more than 40 boats to choose from and a 4-hour itinerary if you are planning a day trip to Lazarus Island. Itineraries are fully customizable so your day will be exactly how you want it to be!

Read more on how to charter a yacht from ONE15 Luxury Yachting here. 

Take a 20-minute ferry ride

Enjoy a breezy ferry ride to start off your day trip at Lazarus Island!

To start, head to Marina South Pier to purchase your ferry tickets. As there is no ferry terminal on Lazarus Island, you will purchase your ferry tickets to St. John’s Island first to get to Lazarus Island.

Check the updated ferry schedule to St. John’s Island here.

A round-trip ferry ride costs $15 for adults and $12 for children (age 1 to 12). Once you arrive at the pier, purchase your tickets from Singapore Island Cruise and Ferry Services which is located just above Marina South Pier MRT Exit B.

Tip: Buy your tickets online! Alternatively, the ticketing counter is open daily till 3pm, so do arrive early to secure your tickets.

The ferry ride to St John’s Island takes around 20 – 30 minutes. After arriving at St. John’s Island, simply cross the link bridge and you will arrive at Lazarus Island with a 10-minute walk!

Tip: Check the updated ferry schedule here and plan your departure so you have enough time to return to St. John’s Island before the last ferry sails off.

Things to do at Lazarus Island

Here are some ideas on how you can explore the beautiful Lazarus Island.

Have a picnic

What’s a trip to the beach without a hearty picnic? Pack your picnic mat and your favourite home-made sandwiches, fruits, snacks and drinks for a picnic at Lazarus Island.

The best part? Whiling your day away on an island with picturesque sea view, frolicking on the warm, sandy beach and enjoying a relaxing day away from the city.

To enjoy a variety of Chinese cuisines, you may also choose to takeaway food or snacks from WOK°15 Kitchen at ONE°15 Marina. You can also opt for an onboard menu to go along with any yacht charters from ONE15 Luxury Yachting.

Fly your kites high

Flying a kite will always be an old-school pastime for many. Aside from the popular Marina Barrage, Lazarus Island is also a great spot for kite-flying with its windy sea-breeze, peaceful serenity and an endless, vast blue sky.

Go fishing

For fishing enthusiasts or new beginners, you will be delighted to know that Lazarus Island is one of the few locations in Singapore with a healthy reef ecosystem. During low tides, you can even enjoy a beautiful marine view where colourful sea fans and playful reef fishes swim around in the clear seas!

If you are looking to learn to fish or simply elevate your trip at Lazarus Island,
My Fishing Frenzy Academy also offers a 1-day Beginner Angler’s Course where you get to learn the theory and practical skills of fishing! 

Enjoy an intimate get-together on a private yacht

With a maximum capacity of 8, host a cosy gathering on a private yacht overlooking the charming sea views of Lazarus Island.

From water activities, a breezy barbecue to simply basking on the sundecks, there’s simply so much to look forward to on a private yacht cruise. Looking to explore beyond Lazarus Islands? ONE15 Luxury Yachting also offers various island-hopping speedboat tour packages that explore Singapore’s Southern and Western Islands. 

Lounge in the sea

Seek respite from the heat by jumping into the cool sea water! If you get tired from swimming, you can lounge on adorable floats, which are available as add-ons when you charter a yacht from ONE15 Luxury Yachting.

Get into action with water sports

Embark on a fun-filled and exciting kayaking adventure at Lazarus Island!

Most yachts provide kayaks where you can enjoy kayaking around the beach waters. In addition to kayaks, selected yachts also provide stand-up paddles and water mats for a splashing good time!

For extra thrill and excitement, add on towable toys such as the banana tube or flying fish! Gliding full throttle across the water is definitely an adrenaline-pumping experience for all the family, young and old alike.

Each yacht comes with different water toys. We recommend that you check before booking.


Planning to include a barbecue in your itinerary? Don’t forget to bring along a portable barbecue pit and your food supplies for a breezy grill at the beach!

If you prefer a more convenient and fuss-free barbecue experience, consider renting a private yacht charter. Most yachts have barbecue grill onboard and the crew will also gladly assist you with the cooking and preparation.

What we love most is enjoying freshly-grilled barbecue onboard a yacht’s outdoor deck against the sea view. Definitely a great way to end off a fun day at Lazarus Island!

And that wraps up our handy guide to exploring Lazarus Island. As travels are currently still not yet lifted for leisure, it’s a great chance to explore the gems in our little red dot.

If you are interested to charter a yacht to Lazarus Island or the neighbouring Southern Islands, reach out to the team at ONE15 Luxury Yachting at sales@one15luxuryyachting.com for recommendations. Alternatively,  book your charter directly on one15luxuryyachting.com at your convenience!

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